Raven Skulls


Here are a couple of examples of some minor customizations made recently on the Raven Skull Hammer. Top is the original, to the left a rune inscription was requested and on the right the request was for a smooth hammer without the Ravens.

Some Custom Work

Have not been posting much so I figured I’d collect some pics of custom work. Some of these I may have even neglected to post in the past. I have a couple I’ve been working on for some time now that I hope to post soon. If you’re interested in a custom piece hit me up by email or on The Mindless Heron Facebook page. If, for some reason I don’t respond a gentle reminder is appreciated, I do have a very poor sense of time.

I may expand on some of these pieces in future posts if there is interest.

Some Items On Hand

While the October “I’m Broke and Need Drinking Money” Sale has ended I do have a few items on hand which I’m giving a significant discount on which I’m calling the “Holy Hel I Spent All of My Drinking Money On Vacation” Sale. There are 15 items in 10 different styles including 3 that are one-ups that aren’t in the store. These are all first come first serve and are available to be shipped right away. If you’re interested in anything please contact me, I accept PayPal.

1. SOLD Othala Hammer in Steel $22 (Not available in the Store)
2. Raven Skull Hammer
– SOLD Large in Steel $50
– Small in Bronze $75
– Small in Silver $100 (actually slightly larger than the normal small size)
RESERVED Large in Silver $145
3. SOLD Ancient Hammer Large in Black Steel $35
4. SOLD Industrial Hammer in Steel $90 (top Surface ground to shiny smoothness)
5. Thor’s Face Hammer
– In Steel $50
– In Gold Plated Steel $55
– In Silver $140
6. Dane Hammer in Silver $110
7. Thin Finn Hammer in Silver $90 (Not available in the Store)
8. SOLD Ram’s Head Hammer in Steel $45
9. Rage’s Ram Hammer in Bronze $75 (with a dark patina, not available in the Store)
10. Ax of Perun Type 2 in Bronze $60



Along with my love of old Religions from History is my love for the Mythos of the Elder Gods. I designed this hammer for myself as kind of a joke but it seems to have stricken a chord so I’m making them available.

While I like the cleanness of the Bronze in the pic to the left I feel that the Gold Plated Steel one, with its rough, craggy surface produced from the Sintering process, captures an Innsmouth Gold look to it. I can see the Fledgling Deep Ones sifting through the beach past their lobster traps and fishing nets, uncovering their precious bounty of gold provided in payment for their http://healthsavy.com/product/accutane/ loyalty and sacrifice to Dagon. Makes the heart grow dank and briny.

20141001_150216-picsay         20141001_150444-picsay         20141001_150420-picsay


The Black one here looks a little fuzzy as it was the prototype while the Bronze and Gold Plated Steel ones represent what any new pieces will look like. Silver and Bronze along with Gold Plated Brass Pendants will be cleaner looking while the Steel ones (with or without plating) will have that rough look to them. I may go ahead and make a Gold Plated Brass one in the near future to compare the Gold Plated Brass to the Gold Plated Steel.


Black Steel

PHOTO_20140117_084406Just wanted to leave a note here about the Matte Black Steel finish that can be ordered on Steel pieces. This gives quite a timeworn look to these pieces, like old iron. When you wear them for a while the coating http://healthsavy.com/product/ativan/ does wear off a little but the effect makes it seem even that much more ancient.

The upcharge is the same as Gold or Bronze Plated.



Ödeshög 20141001_150216-picsay 20140117_084550_4_bestshot

Micro Hammer

I was asked some time ago to make a very small, understated hammer. This Is for someone who wants a subtle hammer to wear day to day in a professional environment and for people who don’t feel the need to always wear an overcompensating hunk of metal to smack their Heathenness in everyone’s face. 

Micro Hammer

It was actually a bit challenging to make something this small and I struggled to keep http://healthsavy.com/product/meridia/ from losing the damned thing whenever I needed to handle it. All in all I’m happy with how it came out. If you’d like one let me know. It’s about the size of a US Nickel (tho pictured with a Quarter as that is all I had at the moment) It is currently offered in:

Silver $95
Bronze $50
Steel $30
Bronze Plated or Gold Plated Steel $35


Bronze Prices

BronzeI finally just added information on The Prices page to include Solid Bronze.

I’ll also be adding a few new features to the site and probably more products for sale as time goes on. As you can see (and I just really noticed myself) there are a few things pictured in the Bronze pic here that haven’t been seen much and aren’t on the Prices Page.

There still are a couple of custom http://pharmacy-no-rx.net pieces I have to get back to and then there will be a moratorium on custom work until I flesh out some new designs of my own that will hopefully further the ability to do all of my work in house without the need for much outsourcing of the process. I am really hoping to keep taking this project as far as I can.


RavenKnotBronzeI’ll have prices up for most things in Bronze soon. I’m expecting a lot to change here next year as I work towards making this project more a more professional endeavor. There is still a bunch I need to learn and do.

Also, the drink naming contest was initially supposed to be for a highly intoxicating, dairy free eggnog but I was hoping to get it perfected before this close to the holidays. As it is, I like the name I came up with http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/cialis/ more than the drink recipe so far (Coconut milk(s) and Kraken Rum, called The Krake-Nut Nog), so I will work on another. The last drink contest also used Kraken so, until they pay me for marketing them, it would be better to use something else anyway (probably whisky or brandy…hrmmmm, maybe both). It will still be a nice wintry drink, probably a variation of a Hot Toddy or some other such warm libation.